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Have you ever wanted a job that didn't involve being stuck behind a desk or in a building? Did you ever wish you didn't have a supervisor standing over your shoulder all the time? Maybe you wished you could work some place where you could travel a lot?

Peoria Charter may be just the place for you!

Driver Candidate Requirements

Required Licenses

We do not require any kind of prior commercial drivers licence for candidates to apply. Some of our most Successful Motorcoach Operators came to us from Retail, Banking, Restaurant, and Hospitality industries without ever having driven a bus or any kind of large vehicle. If you like to travel and enjoy providing top notch service to others, then it sounds like being a Motorcoach Operator is the job for you. We will provide the training.


Applicants who successfully pass the interview process must complete behind the wheel and classroom training with a Peoria Charter driver trainer, as well as IMG online training modules before being hired. Good news! Training is paid!


Charter drivers are dispatched three to four days in advance and work a variety of days and hours. Every day is an adventure! Only route drivers have consistent schedules. Drivers who can begin a trip on any day of the week and be gone for any number of days are preferred, but this level of availability is not required. All newly hired drivers are considered part-time when initially hired. Part-time drivers will be considered for full-time status as full-time positions become available and excellent performance is demonstrated.

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