Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Peoria Charter offer?

1) Daily shuttles from Central Illinois to Chicagoland. Click "Tickets" to see times or purchase tickets.
2) Charters on motorcoaches with professional drivers. Click the "Charters" for info and fill out a quote request.
3) Full-Service Travel Agency. Click the "Tours" section to learn more about Peoria Charter Travel's vacations.

Where do I find the time table for Peoria Charter's service between Central Illinois and Chicago?

Navigate to the "Tickets" page to find time table PDFs for our schedule service.

I missed the Peoria Charter bus. What should I do?

Please call our 24/7 Call Center at (800) 448-0572 for available options.

Where can I find promo code discounts?

Promo codes are sent out in our email newsletters and social media posts.

What are Peoria Charter's office hours?

Office hours are Monday through Thursday 8am-4pm and Friday 8am-1pm. We can also be reached 24/7 by calling (800) 448-0572.

What different sizes of buses does Peoria Charter have

1) 55-56 passenger full-size motorcoaches with on-board restrooms
2) 38 passenger motorcoaches

Does Peoria Charter have wheelchair accessible buses?

Yes. Please read the "Customers with Disabilities" tab for more information.

Where are Peoria Charter's locations?

Peoria, IL, Urbana, IL and Chicago

How many buses does Peoria Charter have?

64 vehicles of various sizes, models, and makes including MCI, VanHool, and Prevost

How Many Drivers does Peoria Charter have?

More than 100!

When was Peoria Charter founded?

December 1941

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